Supply Chain Day 2017

Logistics paves the way! On April 27, 2017 companies from the industrial, trading and logistics services sectors take visitors behind the scenes of logistics and supply chain management. Participants gain an insight into the wide variety of logistics and supply chain management activities performed every day. Institutes open their doors and showcase their logistics and supply chain management projects. Educational and training centres present their seminars and courses in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

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In 2016 approx. 40,000 participants visited 458 events in 23 countries.

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Event Programme on April 27, 2017

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Logistics is …

Logistics is …

…when flowers imported from other countries only begin to bloom when they're in the shop - despite the long transport distances.

…when a car buyer puts together exactly the features he or she wants in a new car - all the way through to the colour of the iPod – and when the car is delivered with these exact features and at the exact time promised when the customer placed the order.

…when a retail chain is able to offer a totally new product range every week in many thousand outlets.

…when a wallpaper producer with a single production plant and a single warehouse is able to market his products worldwide.