Review 2018

Logistics and Women


Logistics and Women.

A company owner. A managing director. A truck driver. An administrator. A sales staff. All in one person.

Meet Gabi, the 26 year old young Hungarian entrepreneur. Despite her young age, runs her own transport company, manages sales and administration, and time to time, sits behind the Wheel of a 40 ton MAN unit.

A motivational presentation for youngsters that nothing is impossible.
Meet Gabi in Budapest.


The venue is for mostly young professionals, university students, junior managers for motivation and view on logistics. Also for women who seeks good examples of logistics and entrepreneurship.

Target group

School students, Students, Trade public, General public

16:00 - 18:00 o'clock

(places available)

Meeting point

Budapest Technical University
H-1111 Budapest
Stoczek street
ST Building


Gyorgy Firbas logistics expert


Logistics Services/Consultancy


Gyorgy Firbas
ST Building Stoczek utca
1111 Budapest


Gyorgy Firbas

Event venue

Budapest Technical University
ST Building Stoczek utca
1111 Budapest, [Routenplanung]

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