Review 2020

Webinar "Super logisticians will save the world"


For the Supply Chain Day 2020 celebration we have prepared a webinar theme, "Super-logisticians will save the world"!
 Join and find out:
 - how to manage a time like Superman to deliver something "yesterday";
 - how to change the goods dimensions while loading, as does the Ant-Man
 - what it takes to fly to meetings like an Iron Man;
 - and most importantly - how to learn all this?
 More about the event:
Logistics is Real Vs. virtual - the ZAMMLER experience. Kateryna Boboshko, ZAMMLER GROUP International Logistics Expert, will lead
How to make important decisions quickly. Sergiy Patkovsky, an expert in the markets of developing countries, of the international company Kuehne + Nagel Inc. (Chicago, USA)
Panel discussion "Competencies of superheroes in the real life of a logistics manager". Participants experienced leaders and consultants: Vira Dodachevskaya, Andrii Gataulin, Alexander Prikhodko and others.
The secrets of a successful career from graduators and representatives of the business community.
 Answers to questions.

Target group

School students, Students, Trade public, General public

16:00 - 18:00 o'clock

(places available)


National Aviation University, Logistics department




Oksana Ovdiienko

Event venue

Liubomyra Huzara ave. 1
03058 Kyiv, [Routenplanung]

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