Czech Logistics Day for the fifth time – this year at the University of Economics in Prague


Czech logistic association

This year’s fifth annual Czech Logistics Day of the Czech Logistics Association set a number of goals: Accentuating the need for quality experts in modern logistics, introducing logistics as a promising and highly attractive field for a lifelong professional career, and finally enabling a real interaction of professional logistics with programs of leading Czech universities focused on to prepare logistics professionals. Nearly 400 participants from the broad logistics community and students from leading Czech universities met at the University of Economics in Prague to discuss the prospects of logistics as a comprehensive field of human activity and space for an attractive career.

Given the growing need for educated professionals across the supply chain, which will continue to grow with the advent of modern technology, this year’s fifth year of Czech Logistics Day was devoted to introducing logistics as a field full of professional challenges, modern technology and creative solutions. The University of Economics in Prague, which is already a traditional partner of the Czech Logistics Day, played an even more active role this year; the program was presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, part of the preparations was also an information campaign of the Department of Logistics, or a strong support of the rector of the University of Economics in Prague, Professor Hana Machková. Other universities did not stay behind with the support of the whole project. Tomas Bata University in Zlín, as well as the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice, University of Pardubice, and the University of Logistics in Přerov were very active in the preparation. The result was a unique mix of participants throughout the event, which offered an increasingly desirable penetration of leading logistics experts from both domestic and multinational companies and university students who are currently faced with their own career paths – all in the background of expert lectures and discussions on topical themes. The whole conference day was presented with professional ease by moderator Vlasta Korec. At the end of the Czech Logistics Day was a working banquet with the offer of traditional Czech gastronomy symbolizing creativity, precision and originality of solutions from Czech logistics workshops.

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