Supply Chain Day 2018


Czech logistic association

Czech Logistics Association, the member of European Logistics Association organized its national Logistic Day as an integral part of the 2018 European Supply Chain Day initiative. For the 4th year in the row CLA organized attractive program for wide logistics public. For the first time ever it has linked together 3 different events illustrating endless diversity of modern supply chain:
• Main focus was on “Logistic Arena” – combination of professional presentations involving companies e.g. SKODA Auto, Siemens, ZETES, motivating speech of well recognized national industry opinion maker, panel discussion dedicated to digitization of data flow within entire supply chain, and comprehensive site visit to the logistics and assembly operations of SKODA Auto in Mlada Boleslav near Prague, CZ. Total number of participating people here was 352.
• Second event related to the Czech national Logistic Day was the “Logistics Talk” – a discussion platform organized in association with Czech-German Industrial Chamber and the Ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven. The event took place in Prague while involving over 90 people – mostly highly positioned logistics professionals from the Czech and German companies and institutions. Pictures from the event should be available in the course of next week.
• The third event joining the platform was the “Day of open doors” at a brand new DC of RABEN Czech Republic in Nupaky near Prague, CZ. The event offered a site visit of the state-of-the-art facility capable of handling logistics of standard, chilled, and frozen products. Total number of guests visiting the event was 150. Pictures illustrating the atmosphere will follow shortly after the upcoming weekend.
Grand total of people taking part in one of the events organized by Czech Logistics Association as a part of broad 2018 European Supply Chain Day platform is 592.

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