Hévíz explores the opportunities of logistics

In addition to tourism opportunities, Hévíz has a huge economic potential, which can be based on Hévíz-Balaton Airport.
On this basis, the Municipality of Hévíz organized a logistics conference in connection with the International Logistics Day.
In 2012, the Municipality of Hévíz decided to take over the operation of Sármellék Airport together with all its problems. ‘We established Hévíz-Balaton Airport Kft and we have been struggling in this field for seven years now as we have realized that the future of Hévíz and our region is highly dependent on our logistics capabilities and quality tourism cannot be envisaged without an airport and air travel connection’ said Mayor Gábor Papp in his welcome speech. – ‘Hévíz would like to find further opportunities in the development of the region while, at the same time, promoting it. That's why I am proud of our cooperation with the municipal government of the county seat (Zalaegerszeg), where an Automotive Test Track and the Smart Road M76 are currently being built. The Smart Road connects Zalaegerszeg with the airport and the motorway M7 and also serves Hévíz and Keszthely. These developments all show that, in our area, there is plenty of economic potentials that can be exploited.’
The development of the airport, which will be launched this year, with a HUF 6.6 billion of government support, was also discussed at the conference, where Deputy Mayor József János Kepli and the Managing Director of Hévíz-Balaton Airport Kft, Attila Benkő spoke about the potentials and services of the airport. The participants could hear Flemish and Russian examples of logistics, and Logistician György Firbás presented the benefits of the Smart Road M76.

Event: Heviz, Western Hungary: new, emerging technological and logistics hub

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