Review 2019

Transformation and challenges in logistics


Unimasters is holding a video webinar on the logistics and supply chain challenges. During this webinar industry experts from the transportation and logistics field, will be speaking about the latest developments within logistics and supply chain and will be discussing the opportunities, threats and keys to success. The event will be held in Bulgarian. Everyone can register for the webinar and all attendees are welcomed to share their opinion or ask questions "live" during the event.
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Target group

General public

14:00 - 15:00 o'clock

(places available)


Unimasters Logistics


Logistics Services/Consultancy


Unimasters Logistics
Prodan Tarakchiev 12
1592 Sofia
0800 800 00

Event venue

Eurogate Logistics Park, Sofia, Bulgaria
Prodan Tarakchiev street 12
1592 Sofia, [Routenplanung]

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