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Supply Chain Day 2022 University of Economics in Katowice


Please be advised that on April 21, 2022, as part of the Supply Chain Day celebration, there will be as many as three offline and online events. Invited guests:
1. Nexteer,
2. Amazon,
3. Goodloading and Trans.eu Group S.A.
The invitation to the workshop is addressed to all students and employees of the University, in particular to students studying in the fields of: Logistics in Business, Logistics, International Economic Relations, Economic Analytics, Management.
The main organizer of the Supply Chain Day on behalf of the University of Economics in Katowice is the Department of Business Logistics. The activities are coordinated by: dr Piotr Hanus, dr Krzysztof Niestrój, prof. UE, dr inż. Danuta Zwolińska, dr Anna Mercik, dr Krzysztof Zowada, mgr Monika Kamińska.
The Supply Chain Day at our University is organized for the seventh time. Our University was the first center in Poland to join the organization of this event.


Nexteer workshop - stationary
Topic: Cultural differences in supply chain management.
1. Cultural aspects and the supply chain - introductory issues and an introduction to the topic.
2. Dimensions characterizing different cultures and their characteristics with practical examples:
- restrained and emotional culture,
- monochronic versus polychronic culture,
- high-context and low-context culture.
The type of culture and the possible impact on the shaping and functioning of the supply chain (its management). Practical examples.
3. Meeting with Plant PC&L from Morocco (on-line) - examples of cooperation with Morocco, Europe, India.
4. Summary.
5. Q&A.
Amazon workshop - stationary
Topic: Change management on the example of the KTW1 Amazon warehouse.
1. Who are we?
2. Amazon KTW1.
3. Warehouse structure.
4. Virtual tour.
5. Case study.
6. Summary.
7. Q&A.
Goodloading & Trans.eu Workshop - online
Subject: Goodloading and Trans.eu tools supporting supply chain management.
Part 1
1. Introduction to Goodloading. Why are load space optimization tools needed?
2. Presentation of the most important functions of Goodloading.
3. Practical part - work in the Goodloading tool (selected issues).
4. Summary.
5. Q&A.
Part 2
6. The most important functions of the Trans.eu Platform.
7. Product presentation (showing the operation of the Platform in the form of "Live").
8. Presentation of the TransEdu Virtual Academy with the possibility of taking a mock exam in the field of "Forwarding".
9. Summary.
10. Q&A



Online + University of Economics in Katowice - A building
Details at: https://www.ue.katowice.pl/jednostki/katedry/wz/katedra-logistyki-ekonomicznej/supply-chain-day/supply-chain-day-2022.html


Schüler, Studierende

10:00 - 13:30 Uhr

(freie Plätze verfügbar)


University of Economics in Katowice




Monika Kamińska, Piotr Hanus, Anna Mercik, Krzysztof Niestrój, Krzysztof Zowada, Danuta Zwolińska
ul. 1 Maja 50
40-28 Katowice
monika.m.kaminska@uekat.pl, piotr.hanus@uekat.pl, anna.mercik@uekat.pl, krzysztof.niestroj@uekat.pl, krzysztof.zowada@uekat.pl, danuta.zwolinska@uekat.pl


University of Economics in Katowice, Department of Business Logistics


Online + University of Economics
Bogucicka 3
40-266 Katowice, Polen [Routenplanung]

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