ZAMMLER's Logistics Quest through Kiev

On February 21, 2019, ZAMMLER GROUP in general partnership and in cooperation with Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) had initiated the social project for the students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine – interactive marathon «ZAMMLER’S LOGISTICS EXPERIENCE FOR Z-GENERATION» having ended on April, 24.
Marathon was participated by the students of five universities of Kyiv and five higher educational institutions of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv and Dnipro.
Project goal: to provide the future logistics specialists with an opportunity to gain an insight into profession before entering a career. High creativity and interactivity was the hallmark of our project. Selected approach allowed us to keep the students interested throughout the marathon.
Logistics educational marathon consisted of three stages:
1. Master classes hosted by Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) (four master classes given by ZAMMLER company experts, followed by the tests pass by the students and final workshop for the twenty students with the highest grade).
2. Visit to ZAMMLER (excursion to ZAMMLER FULLFILMENT warehouse complex);
3. Logistics quest through Kyiv dedicated to European Supply Chain Day (Logistics Specialist Day).
The students, selected during the prior two stages, shall be divided into two teams. The team being the first to perform the task and reach the finish line shall be pronounced the winner and awarded with special prizes.
Rules of the logistics quest:
Two teams shall deliver freight from “Globus” monument to Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) along the chosen route.
1. Motion trajectory – Z letter (the route is chosen independently by the teams)
2. Z line includes ten stops. Upon arriving the stop, the participants send geolocation data and call to the project managers. They are asked a question related to logistics activities and provided with one minute to discuss the answer. In case of right answer, they are allowed to move on. In case of wrong answer, they shall wait for ten minutes and then continue the quest.
3. Each thirty minutes the teams are provided with information on two means of transport prohibited to be used for the following thirty minutes. The participants shall get off the means of transport they have used and choose the other means of transport being allowed.
4. Each team is provided with a limited budget for payment of fares used in those means of transport being independently chosen – should it be the trolley-bus or taxi.
5. The team being the first to perform the task and arrive to the KNUTE HUB shall be pronounced the winner of the quest.
Team members:
- Captain – (takes the key and strategic decisions)
- Video-operator and reporter (video-recording of all the quest stages, in particular the participants getting in the transport, arriving to the specified stop, calls, questions, discussion and provision of the answers, “move to the next stop”).
- Financial specialist (responsible for budget planning)
- Logistics specialist (responsible for the route and observance of the rules)
- Time-manager (keeps track of time and provides information to the team)
- Communicator (ensures communication with the project managers – calls to them upon arriving the above-mentioned stops and informs on location, asks questions using loud-speaker+ each thirty minutes obtains information on changes of means of transport prohibited to be used).
The project creativity was highly appraised by experts. It became the pilot project being unrivalled.

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